Copyright Business Summary

It is said that if you want to learn Chinese 5000-year civilization, you can learn from Shanxi. Shanxi has a very long and abundant history and the publishers here are trying their best to realize the publishing idea of Shanxi Publishing Group: Working as the pusher of human civilization progress; Serving as the paviour of Chinese culture rise. Shanxi Publishing Group regards the book output as one of the five developing and planning project of “The 11th Five-year Plan”. The headquarters of the group and all publishing houses specially set up copy right departments and special people to cooperate with other countries. At the same time, the group sets up a special fund to encourage and support book output. Until now, all the publishing houses of the group has had book publishing and copy right trade cooperation with over ten publishing houses in England, America, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong and Taiwan areas. Here is the information of copy right output books which are strongly recommended by the eight publishing houses in Shanxi Publishing Group. We are sincerely willing to have mutual trust and benefit cooperation with more publishing houses in the world.